Residenza-cappelli-l'aquila THE RESIDENCE

Comfort immersed in the authentic Abruzzo

Residenza Cappelli is located in the evocative suburb of San Demetrio ne’ Vestini, very close to L’Aquila. Our structure offers two kinds of housing: guesthouses and holiday homes.

All the rooms of the structure, and all their services, are the result of the recent and careful renovation of the old Carabinieri Barracks serving the village and its surroundings.

The works included also a considerable strenghtening of the building and anti-seismic actions in order to make the entire property more secure. This is the reason why we are able to provide the opportunity of a safe holiday even though we are in an earthquake zone.

As we said before, the building previously housed the local Carabinieri Barracks and therefore it was quite prestigious in the area as it embodied the presence of the State.

People who used to work there were highly esteemed by all, among the others the Deputy Brigadier Mario Furnari who, before moving to Abruzzo, had taken part in the fight against the well-known “Banda Giuliano”.

In that context, he was also involved in two firefights and in several operations aimed at suppressing banditry at the command of the then Captain Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa. In the picture you can see the Brigadier while he is petting a dog.

Our Residence features a large garden where guests can spend pleasant and relaxing days. We also offer a meeting room with a kitchen where you can enjoy some local specialities (advance reservation is required).

Every room is equipped with a private bathroom. The bathroom in every room has a shower, hairdryer, as well as courtesy line with beauty products and two sets of towels. In addition each room is supplied with free and fast wireless internet access.



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