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Away from the monotony, living the nature

We are in the heart of Abruzzo. Just a few kilometers from the most iconic places in the interior part of the region. Our territory allows you to plan and enjoy beautiful natural excursions. You will have plenty of chances to plan outdoor activities that will make you feel part of a context where man and nature have found a marriage.

Traveling in harmony with nature is sustainable and funny. You can take advantage of our structure as a starting point of your ecotourism itineraries, as we are halfway between the Gran Sasso National Park and Monti della Laga, the Maiella National Park and the highland complex of mountains called “Altopiano delle Rocche”. Take advantage of the many walking tours available crossing our territory or organize independently a path using our advice.

If you’d rather stay closer to our property, then you could benefit from the environment surrounding our Residence. Very close to our hotel there is the wonderful Lake Sinizzo, where you can spend very relaxing moments while remaining immersed in the calm of Abruzzo nature. Otherwise, you could visit the complex of the Stiffe Caves for an adventurous journey into the bowels of the Earth and see with your own eyes how water creates beautiful stone sculptures and makes small cracks in the rock.

Ages 18+
Ages 0 - 2


Enjoy the peace and tranquility of Lake Sinizzo. The emerald heart of Abruzzo



Dive into the depths and discover the works of art that nature knows how to create by sculpting rocks with the power of water.

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