Percorsi enogastronomici FOOD AND WINE TOURS

Good living far from the frenzy of the everyday life

Did you know that in Abruzzo we have ten trademarks among Pdos, Pgis and Tsgs? Our mountainous land, seemingly so difficult to cultivate but so generous, gives us products of undoubted authenticity and uniqueness that combined with the rural tradition make local food known and appreciated in the whole world.

The inner part of Abruzzo is known for the presence of sheep breeding farms (popular in the region are the well known Arrosticini) and for its unique crops such as saffron. Products of the land and the poor rural tradition gave birth to a peculiar cuisine, characterized by simple but genuine flavors. This allowed to preserve the wisdom of ancient housewifes, who were able to pull out the best delicacies from what the area offered.

The Province of L’Aquila is characterized by a simple cooking, with no frills. By booking your stay in Residenza Cappelli, you will be able to taste local food in the many restaurants that we will suggest you. You will savor plenty of delicacies based on black truffle, saffron, local meats and other typical products, all abundantly watered by fine wines such as Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.

Moreover, during the summer time there are numerous fairs centered on typical enogastronomical products, such as the festival of potato gnocchi in Barisciano, the one based on saffron in Navelli or the Beef Steak Festival in Fossa, the chestnuts Festival in San Felice d’Ocre or the one of lentils in Santo Stefano. It is just up to you to make a choice.

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