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Some say that in order to start the day well a good and plentiful breakfast is essential. With the frenetic pace of our times, it is not always easy to sit at the table in the morning. On holiday, however, you can take advantage of the tranquillity and sit around a table with your relatives and friends and enjoy a relaxing breakfast leaving behind the concerns of the everyday life.

If you book your stay at Residenza Cappelli, you will always have breakfast included. In the morning you will find a table full of delicacies and you can choose the ones you prefer to start the day well. We offer a continental breakfast.

You will be welcome to enjoy tea, caffelatte, cappuccino, espresso or chocolate, fruit juices, together with brioches, croissants of various kinds, cereal, bread, butter, jams. Also do not miss to taste the homemade desserts of the Abruzzo tradition, such as ferratelle, nocci interrati, amaretti and many other delicacies.

Ferratelle residenza cappelli


Have you ever tried the cuisine of Abruzzo?

Many recipes are well-known and can be found in other Regions, like for example arrosticini that perhaps not everyone knows that they come from this region. Many other recipes are not known but worthy to be known and discovered. We have an incredible variety of sausages, cheeses, wines and oils. Residenza Cappelli offers dinner by reservation.

You could enjoy typical dishes of local tradition directly inside our structure, while feeling pampered in our tavern. Menu is always changing, so to know dates and details please contact us on this website or call the following number: +39 347 268 9761.

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