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The poor art of the inner part of Abruzzo

One of the main characteristics of the province of L’Aquila is the widespread dissemination of cultural historical heritage, with its epicentre in L’Aquila, one of the Italian towns with the widest historical center. Most of the times, this heritage is located within beautiful and well-preserved medieval villages, other times on the top of local mountains or in the hidden valleys. These routes allow the visitor to see a substantial part of the architectural and urban beauties of the Region.

This territory has a long history. It was once the land of the Vestini, a Pre-Roman population that lived in the area and has bequeath us the Capestrano Warrior statue and the nearby Necropolis of Fossa. It is impossibile not to mention Peltuinum, that represented an important crossroad for the transhumance of the flocks with origins lost in the dawn of time.

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